Hyun-Woo “CloudTemplar” Lee (age 25), a 1st generation LoL Pro who made a name for himself as the best Jungler, is putting down his mouse and keyboard.

The CJ Entus gaming team announced CloudTemplar’s retirement in a press release on the 14th. CloudTemplar started on the MiG Frost team pre-CJ Entus as a Jungler.

CloudTemplar and his team rose to stardom by winning the first Korean LoL tournament, the 2012 LoL Invitational. Frost has managed to maintain stellar results by never falling below 4th place in any Korean tournament.

CloudTemplar’s performance was just as great overseas. He has been noted as a representative of Korean players by achieving 2nd place at the S2 World Championship, and winning the IEM World Championship. (Correction: Frost was 2nd place at IEM, but the above is a direct translation of the article)

Fans loved Lee for more than just his plays, but also his wit and talk. He made a splash as a guest commentator with his pinpoint analysis, while also providing entertainment by labeling Junglers as carnivores and herbivores.

As he puts down his uniform leading up to Season 4, CloudTemplar stated that “I believe this is best for the advancement of both the team and myself. Thank you to all the fans who have given me more support and attention than I deserve.”

Lee will be taking a break before deciding his next career move.

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